Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 6.1

Valentina 6.1 ReleasedValentina Release 6.1 adds Valentina Studio Pro 64 bit for Windows,  64 bit version targets for Xojo and other improvements. Continue reading Paradigma Software Releases Valentina 6.1

Videos: Install and Get Started with Valentina for PHP ADK

Valentina ADK for PHPValentina DB ADK for PHP and Valentina Reports ADK for PHP are available on all three operating systems – Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. You can work with these locally, as well as utilize PHP to build powerful web applications.

Build and serve rich, visual reports with grids, graphs, images and more – directly in a browser or generate documents, such as XML enriched PDF. Serve reports from all major databases. It works with MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgre and more.

Continue reading Videos: Install and Get Started with Valentina for PHP ADK

Deprecated VPHP and VODBC client-only Archives

Historically, we have developed at first VPHP as client-only ADK of Valentina Server. Later we have add vphp_standalone version of archives, which included the whole Valentina engine, and can work without VServer. Actually we have this for all other Valentina ADKs, such as V4RB, VNET, V4REV, …  But for VPHP we have got two archives, where others ADKs did have one.

The same did happens with VODBC ADK …

For 4.9.1. release we have decide “resolve” this issue. Now on FTP present only “standalone” full archives, but they are renamed to just vphp_4 style.

[NEW] 64-bit ADK added to MAC OS X: C++, Cocoa, PHP

We introduce our first 64-bit ADKs for MAC OS X:

  • Valentina for C++ (VSDK)
  • Valentina for  Cocoa (V4CC)
  • Valentina for  PHP Standalone (VPHP)

It is clear that we cannot make V4RB, V4REV and such to be 64-bits because their IDEs do not support this.

Next our step in this direction, will be introduction of 64 bit ADKs for Windows, VSDK, VNET, …