Valentina Release 5.7.1 Improves ODBC, Upgrades SQLite Support

Valentina Release 5.7.1 is now available. Updates to Valentina Studio and Studio Pro, Valentina C++ ADK and Valentina Server. Continue reading Valentina Release 5.7.1 Improves ODBC, Upgrades SQLite Support

Deprecated VPHP and VODBC client-only Archives

Historically, we have developed at first VPHP as client-only ADK of Valentina Server. Later we have add vphp_standalone version of archives, which included the whole Valentina engine, and can work without VServer. Actually we have this for all other Valentina ADKs, such as V4RB, VNET, V4REV, … ┬áBut for VPHP we have got two archives, where others ADKs did have one.

The same did happens with VODBC ADK …

For 4.9.1. release we have decide “resolve” this issue. Now on FTP present only “standalone” full archives, but they are renamed to just vphp_4 style.

Two new Video Tutorials about ODBC datasource setup.

We have add 2 news video tutorials EN. One for MAC and one for WIN about how to setup ODBC datasource around Valentina ODBC driver.

These lessons can be helpful to setup ODBC data source for other dbs also, e.g. MySQL or MS Access, if you want import from then into Valentina using
Valentina Studio ODBC data import.

And lesson about this import from ODBC is our next lesson, which is in the work.