Valentina Studio 7.1 Released with Javascript Automation, Code Generation, Excel Export and More

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[NEW] Generating Test/Bench Data for Data Focused Apps (Part 2)

We have implement Stored Procedure ‘GenerateDataFor()’, which solves the task described in the part1 of this article.

We have added into Valentina Wiki new section, where we will keep this and future other Stored Procedures By Paradigma Software.

On this page you can find link to WIKI page, which describes GenerateDataFor() procedure and contains download link.

[NEW] SQL expression function RAND_REGEXP()

We added a new SQL function RAND_REGEXP  into v5.5.6 (available in the night_build or upcoming beta). This is very powerful function that can generate random strings of any kind, following some regular expression.

This function is useful for test and bench data generation features we will be talking more about.

Our wiki has coverage of this new function: RAND_REGEXP


[NEW] Generating Test/Bench Data for Data Focused Apps (Part 1)

There are several database tools available for generating records for table T with some random data. Usually these tools can…

  • generate the test data itself;
  • format the data for replication of some bug

Yes, both very useful.  But as speed junkies and test pilots, we also want to use this feature to

  • generate data for use in benchmarks

The difference between test and bench data, is that for benchmarking today, tomorrow and months or years later, we should generate the same records into a Table. Otherwise how we can compare results of a benchmarks as computer scientists? For tests it is okay to use random values in records, but benchmarks require exactness.

We were going to add such feature into Valentina Studio, but then we started thinking about benchmarking the Valentina engine (made in C++).  It is clear then that we need such a feature right in the engine.  So how to implement it?
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[NEW] Valentina DB engine – SELECT … FOR JSON

We made the first step in the direction to popular JSON format.

Valentina SQL already did have extentions


Now we adding one more:  SELECT … FOR JSON.

We have upload 5.5b21 build where this feature is introduced. It works in same way as FOR XML. In the result you get cursor with a single record and a single TEXT field.


SQL query ‘SELECT * FROM tblCustomer FOR JSON’ returns

      "name": "tblCustomer",
      "fields": ["fldFirstName","fldLastName","fldCountry","fldPhone"],
      "records": [

[NEW][VSQL] MAIL Command

We have add a new command for Valentina SQL.

The main goal is to be able use Valentina Server as generator of PDF and/or HTML reports and sending them by email directly from VSERVER’s stored procedure. Besides, this command can be called by Event Scheduler of VSERVER or by a database or table trigger.

 : __MAIL
   __FROM character_string_literal_or_var 
   __TO character_string_literal_or_var 
   __SUBJECT character_string_literal_or_var
   __BODY character_string_literal_or_var
  [__ATTACH vext_attach_list]
      __SMTP character_string_literal_or_var
      __PORT character_string_literal_or_var
     [__USER character_string_literal_or_var,
      __PASSWORD character_string_literal_or_var]
     [__SSL truth_value_or_var]

 : character_string_literal_or_var AS character_string_literal_or_var , ...

 : character_string_literal
 | variable_name

 | variable_name

 : truth_value
 | variable_name


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[NEW] DEFAULT clause extended by METHOD(‘const_expr’)

We have extend Valentina SQL by non standard feature. DEFAULT clause now has form DEFAULT METHOD(‘const_expr’).

This step increases declarative power of DDL part of VSQL and, therefore, allows you do less job later working with inserts and updates.

You can use in the expression built-in Valentina functions and UDFs that not depends on other fields. The most useful examples are:

* now()
* UUID()
* nextval( sequence_name )
* current_user_name()

* this is not standard syntax.
* PostgreSQL have similar syntax and behavior, but it specify expression just in the literal: DEFAULT STRING_LITERAL. This cause ambiguity.

[NEW] Localisable ENUM Type

Ladies and Gentlemen!  
The first time in the world!  🙂
Localizable Enum Type in DBMS!  

We already many months have working ENUM type in 5.0 branch of Valentina. Let me remind that ENUM type is not from SQL standard, so different DBs implement it in different way if at all implement. We have implemented it using CREATE TYPE command of SQL Standard. And we have implement ENUM in way similar to PostgreSQL, because it is the most correct: you just CREATE TYPE ENUM once and later using it in all places of your database.

mySQL, in contrast, defines ENUM as part of a particular Table, right in the CREATE TABLE command. This is not good of course, because then you cannot use this type in other tables or for variables of Stored Procedures.

name ENUM('small', 'medium', 'large')

It is interesting that such mature database as Oracle do not have ENUM type.

All these existed implementations have one big problem from our point of view: such enum types contains string values of only one language. Below we will describe our solution.

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