[VStudio][Change] Free VStudio 5.1 will be able to save diagrams and do reverse engineering.

In 5.0 Diagrams was a PRO feature, so was available in free version only in the demo mode: you could create and edit diagram, but you was not able save it for future use.

Working on submitting of Valentina Studio into Apple’s App Store, we was asked to remove from free version any such demo-features. We have decide instead remove it completely, open half of its functionality to free edition of VStudio. In 5.1 build of Valentina Studio you will be able

  • create diagrams and save them into your db.
  • add new schema objects (tables, fields, views, links)
  • add existed schema objects of your database (reverse-engineering).

Disabled will be just forward-engineering, i.e. generation of SQL scripts to produce new schema objects and change existed.

Interesting to note, that a competing product in AppStore, asks in-app purchase 70$ for reverse-engineering. Valentina Studio 5.1 will give this for free. Enjoy 🙂

The New VDN 5: Licensing, and Your Questions

On February 14, 2013, Paradigma Software celebrated 15 years of Valentina with the release of Valentina 5 generation of products. With it came a reconfiguration of Valentina Developer Network – one that we believe gives you many more options for satisfying your customers. If you have questions about VDN, please reply to this, and Ill do updates to answer them. Continue reading The New VDN 5: Licensing, and Your Questions