Valentina Server /5 Frequently Asked Questions Section Added to Wiki

Got questions about the free Valentina Server /5 product? We have a growing set of frequently asked questions that are being added to the Paradigma Software wiki, that are specific FAQ for Valentina Server /5. Our support system has recently been flooded with questions – this is the place to look first.

VStudio Pro 3 in 1 (ValentinaDB + PostgreSQL + SQLite) Data Editor

The following picture shows how you can use power of Valentina Studio Data Editor, to manage records of a Table without SQL.

You can add/delete/update records and values of fields. You can filter records applying filter.

You can even use Related Table Editor (bottom side) that displays records of related table (linked by Foreign Key). It is enough click record of the top table, and bottom table shows you related records.

Even more. You can just by mouse click link/unlink records. In background FK gets value of PK of parent record. But for you this looks as easy as mouse click.

Even more. You can apply set commands to find union/intersection or difference of sets of related records for few parent records. Couple of mouse clicks and you see result of quite complex SQL operation, which even SQL expert will write in few minutes only …


VStudio Pro 3 in 1 (ValentinaDB + PostgreSQL + SQLite) Schema Editor


The first snapshot expose how VStudio now can in the same time open

  1. Local Valentina database(s)
  2. Valentina Server database(s)
  3. PostgreSQL Server database(s)
  4. SQLite local database(s)

and work with them in the same Valentina Studio style.

[NEW] VStudio Pro – SQL DIFF for Valentina, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Valentina Studio Pro 5.0 going to get great new built-in feature: SQL Diff . This feature allows to open two databases and find difference between them and produce SQL script to resolve this difference.

Today our developer have plug all 3 databases (Valentina, PostgreSQL, SQLite) into SQL Diff and made tests. All 3 databases works as expected.

This is cool to have this feature right in the Valentina Studio, because then no need to purchase separate SQL Diff tools, which self might cost $100-400.

Below you can see few snapshots how looks SQL Diff wizard and SQL Diff Result page.

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New Docs About ENUM Type in v5.0

Today I added new reference pages to the wiki of e.g. SQL grammar about a new feature of Valentina DB for 5.0: the ENUM type.

This is the first step towards a CREATE TYPE command based on the SQL 2003 standard. Next we can add composite types, collection types and inheritance.

We think that Valentina can have a more effective and flexible ENUM implementation compared to PostgreSQL or mySQL. One example is that Valentina can use 1 byte to store an enum value, while mySQL – 2, PostgreSQL – 4.

We are finishing now integration of this feature into Valentina Studio for both Valentina DB and PostgreSQL plugins. Database types in Valentina Studio are supported through a plugin architecture.

These are major entry points in the Valentina Wiki to check:

VStudio:Report Editor – Now works with PostgreSQL as Datasource.

Valentina Studio Pro’s Report Editor now works using a PostgreSQL database specified as datasource! If have some Postgre database, connect to it and start design new report using data of that database. You can instantly preview your data right within Valentina Studio Pro. Reports are saved into a project format so you can reuse them at any time.

You can already use design reports this way from data from any Valentina DB ADK (REALbasic, Revolution, Cocoa, NET, PHP, … ). You can see few snapshots below.

Support for PostgreSQL will be included in Valentina Studio 5.0b1 – coming real soon. Valentina Reports will be able to work with local Valentina databases, Valentina Server hosted databases, local SQLite and now with PostgreSQL server.

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Valentina Office Server /5 Now Free

Valentina Office Server is a combined database and enterprise ready reports server from Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software. Almost any individual or organization can now get a free copy of it -actually, up to three copies – one for each operating system: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

With all the FOSS databases around, why Valentina? For one, you get an awesome reports server, and I have yet to come across a FOSS reports system to beat it. On the database end, Valentina is an extremely fast and modern columnar database. It can do so many things you won’t find in FOSS products.

The response to this release has been phenomenal. As people write in Ill be posting additional posts clarifying the program.

RELEASE 4.9.1 shipped

You can download it from our site, DOWNLOAD menu, or directly from URL.

This is mainly bug fix and polish release. There is no major changes in format or API. Into SQL added few new functions to handle unicode normalization. Recommended for use  by all 4.x users.

Most probably this is the last 4.9.x release before 5.0.

Deprecated VPHP and VODBC client-only Archives

Historically, we have developed at first VPHP as client-only ADK of Valentina Server. Later we have add vphp_standalone version of archives, which included the whole Valentina engine, and can work without VServer. Actually we have this for all other Valentina ADKs, such as V4RB, VNET, V4REV, …  But for VPHP we have got two archives, where others ADKs did have one.

The same did happens with VODBC ADK …

For 4.9.1. release we have decide “resolve” this issue. Now on FTP present only “standalone” full archives, but they are renamed to just vphp_4 style.