Report Editor More Beautiful, Powerful

Igor has improve the appearance of Report Editor’s toolbar. Now it have groups to easy switch between different sets of actions and see buttons only for that actions. This also allows to add into the same space much more toolbar’s buttons.

Added more toolbar buttons and commands to edit layout of a report.

Valentina Reports – Faster, Faster…and Faster!

During last month, Igor did an incredible job to speed up Valentina reports in different areas x10, x2, x2 times …

  • Now faster PREVIEW of reports in the Report Editor of VStudio Pro
  • Now faster drawing of report layouts in the Report Editor
  • Now faster generation of PDFs

Valentina SQL get powerful FORMAT() function.

Ivan have add into Valentina engine new very powerful FORMAT() function for SQL.

It provides great ability to convert numbers and date/times into string format.

Please read detailed syntax in the Valentina WIKI:

The same algorithms will be added in nearest time to Valentina Reports.