[NEW] 64-bit ADK added to MAC OS X: C++, Cocoa, PHP

We introduce our first 64-bit ADKs for MAC OS X:

  • Valentina for C++ (VSDK)
  • Valentina for  Cocoa (V4CC)
  • Valentina for  PHP Standalone (VPHP)

It is clear that we cannot make V4RB, V4REV and such to be 64-bits because their IDEs do not support this.

Next our step in this direction, will be introduction of 64 bit ADKs for Windows, VSDK, VNET, …

MAC 64 bits – introducing vcomponents_x64 for ADKs/x64

Yesterday I have try to make installer of VPHP_Standalone_x64, which could be our first 64-bit ADK,  and have realize that it is not good idea keep in the same /usr/local/lib/vcomponents both 32 and 64 bit DLLs.

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Flash-to-iPhone 4 SDK Ban May Have Limited Effect

Starting with a post by John Gruber on Daring Fireball, a building tide of developer anxiety is rippling through the iPhone developer market. This could easily be a sign of greater control by Apple instead of an outright ban against non-Apple compilation. Continue reading Flash-to-iPhone 4 SDK Ban May Have Limited Effect

REALbasic, the iPhone and Valentina DB

There is an interesting conversation taking place over on Bob Keeney’s blog regarding REALbasic and the iPhone.

Paradigma Software has had a Valentina Client for the iPhone for almost a year, and while its seen some use, I often feel that just having it has helped bring new customers to use Valentina DB who have no intention of using Valentina for the iPhone.

A lot of folks commenting know REAL Software – the company – very well. Maybe too well. Supporting the iPhone sounds like a monumental task, and you’ve been waiting a long, long time for Cocoa support and that’s likely come at some cost. You don’t want to go through that with iPhone support.

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V4RB/V4MD Carbon deprecated in v4.5

We have decide to deprecated these two Carbon products in v4.5, which we have developed yet with help of CodeWarrior.

I think for REALbasic developers, this will not a problem, because few years REALbasic is a cocoa application itself, and works with xcode-made plugins.

For Director users, this means that v4.5 of V4MD mac, will not work with Director10, only with D11 and D11.5. If you still use D10, you can use v4.3 of V4MD that can be found here: http://valentina-db.com/download/prev_releases/

SNMP and Valentina Server

There is a new feature in Valentina Server – SNMP agent.

Currently we support only get() and get_next() SNMP requests for the following oids:
sysDescr(“” )
sysUpTime(“” )
Not much info but it makes a possibility to monitor vServer over SNMP.

For now, SNMP facilities are available only for Windows.

You should specify SNMP port in the server ini-file (default port is 161, 0 means turn off SNMP agent):

Port_SNMP=161;             SNMP port to listen by VServer.
;                                             0 – do not use a SNMP port.