Valentina for iPhone becomes free for use with release 4.2!

With 4.2 release we make Valentina for iPhone (iV4CC), which currently is VClient only, totally free for download and use. Of course you should have a license of a Valentina Server.

Note, that now you can easy download iV4CC and VServer Office archive with DEMO license, develop and test application on both Simulator and iPhone Device.

Project window have new “Import Local/Remote Project” buttons

These buttons allow you easy import local project to a remote Valentina Server, and visa versa – remote project to local HDD.

Idea is simple: you choose local project, then vstudio create on a selected VSERVER a new project, and execute INSERTs record by record from your local project’s table.  As result, you get on the VSERVER a new project with all the same items, which already registered and ready for use.

Report Editor get powerful formatting by pattern

This is a very important feature for reports. And we have implement it using the same internal engine as the Valentina SQL format() function.

You can read Valentina WIKI:

For any output field you can specify in the inspector its pattern and kind of pattern (number, currency, …).

Report Editor get feature Conditional Formatting

This feature allows you to specify for a selected item different styles of formatting (bold,color, …) depending on condition, for example, if f1 > 0 color is black, else it is red and bold.

You can use any valid Valentina SQL expression in the condition.

Report Editor More Beautiful, Powerful

Igor has improve the appearance of Report Editor’s toolbar. Now it have groups to easy switch between different sets of actions and see buttons only for that actions. This also allows to add into the same space much more toolbar’s buttons.

Added more toolbar buttons and commands to edit layout of a report.

Valentina Reports – Faster, Faster…and Faster!

During last month, Igor did an incredible job to speed up Valentina reports in different areas x10, x2, x2 times …

  • Now faster PREVIEW of reports in the Report Editor of VStudio Pro
  • Now faster drawing of report layouts in the Report Editor
  • Now faster generation of PDFs