[VStudio][SQLite] Shows list of built-in extensions.

Valentina Studio usually uses the most fresh SQLite engine available. Additionally we compile it using few popular extensions. We have expose these built-in extensions in the dialog “Extensions” of a SQLite database. Note, that you can add more if you needed with the help of this dialog.


SQLite Extensions


[VStudio][mySQL] Client library switched from Drizzle to MariaDB

We have made final switch from Drizzle to MariaDB client library for mySQL plugin and mySQL datasource in Valentina Reports.

Thank to this step we have got C client library with totally same API as native mySQL client library and  therefore:

a) Implement support of few results of few commands executed at once.

b) Resolve trouble of some users which have passwords in old format.


[VStudio] SQL Editor is able show few results at once

Now you can execute in the SQL Editor few SELECT commands at once, separated by  ‘;’ and you will get few result TAB-panels opened automatically. One panel for each result.

This feature works for mySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite starting with v5.2 of Valentina Studio

Valentina now will try to open read-only dbs in older format

One use of 4.9 Valentina ADK have told us that many his users have databases on DVD in 4,9 format. So if he will try change his app to Valentina 5.0, then how users will be able work with this read-only databases?

To resolve this, we have improve Valentina engine. Now it will make attempt to work with read-only databases in older format as is, without conversion.

Important to note, that this will work fine for 5.x engine opening 4.x databases.