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0004885ADK-V4CCFieldspublic2010-04-22 20:42
ReporterErnesto GiannottaAssigned ToRuslan Zasukhin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformApple Mac OSOS XOS Version10.6.3
Product Version4.5.1 
Target Version4.6Fixed in Version4.6 
Summary0004885: VField value returns not an object when the field is boolean
DescriptionI've found that when asking for the value of a Vfield object it doesn't return a valid object if the field is boolean.
Steps To Reproduce    VCursor *testCursor = [mDB sqlSelect:@"Select * From Persons Order by FieldName"];
    NSLog(@"Name: %@", [[testCursor fieldAtIndex:1] value]);
    NSLog(@"Number: %@", [[testCursor fieldAtIndex:3] value]);

    // workaround casting the field to a VBool
    NSLog(@"Bool: %d", [[testCursor booleanFieldAtIndex:2] value]);

    // this will crash since the returned value of Bool field is not a proper object ref (it is a bool indeed, 0 or 1)
    NSLog(@"Bool: %@", [[testCursor fieldAtIndex:2] value]);
Additional InformationJust run the attached project (never mind the name, I found it's a real pain to change the name of an XCode project ;-)
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Ernesto Giannotta

Ernesto Giannotta

2010-04-19 11:23

reporter (34,547 bytes)
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2010-04-22 16:35

administrator   ~0005204

Yes, I see problem.

Sources of issue here is that
 VField class has methods
    - (id) value
    - setValue: (id) inValue

and many subclasses of VField has methods with the same name, but different type for value.

And ObjC obviously consider them as overridden "virtual" methods.
So when you have
  VField* fld = [cursor fieldAtIndex: i];

and then call
   [fld value]

we in fact get into sub-class methods, instead of VField class.

I see the only way to fix this -- RENAME VField methods to something as
   - (id) valueAsObject
   - setValueAsObject: (id) inValue

We have check other ADKs as VNET, VCOM and they do not have such issue, just because they do not override value methods.

in V4RB this works fine, because for REALbasic VField.value and e.g. VLong.value are PROPERTIES, but not virtual methods.
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2010-04-22 20:42

administrator   ~0005205

!!! VField.value renamed to VField.valueAsObject !!!

You may need correct existed V4CC apps.

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