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0007142VALENTINA STUDIOImport/Exportpublic2015-06-26 18:02
ReporterJoyceAssigned ToSergey Pashkov 
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PlatformINTELOSOS X YOSEMITE OS Version10.10.3
Product Version5.8 
Target Version5.8Fixed in Version5.8 
Summary0007142: Fields in CSV file which are empty block import to Postgresql server
Since update of Valentina Studio version 5.8.6, I cannot import CSV files containing empty fields to server. In the past a CSV file that was NULL (no data in the cell == empty cell in csv file) did not block import to Postgresql server. Now, none of the lines in the CSV file with empty fields are passed. I made sure the fields were correctly set to NULLABLE and they are , and I am not talking of Primary Keys but regular fields.
Steps To Reproduce- create a CSV file with different fields (columns).
- leave empty spaces in one of the fields
- try to import the CSV to a table on PostgreSQL using the wizard on Valentina Studio.

=> you will get an error on the empty cells and all the entries where you have empty spaces will not be imported to your Postgresql server.
Additional Information- I have tried to remove all the "" of the empty spaces using a Perl script ==> it did not work.
- I have tried to write /N in the empty spaces, it did not work either.
- I have tried to write NULL in the empty spaces, still it did not work.
==> it should be possible to import csv files containing empty fields when they are nullable.
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related to 0007118 closedSergey Pashkov Import CSV - PostgreSQL - Cannot import NULL timestamp with time zone 




2015-06-24 15:50


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Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2015-06-26 13:46

developer   ~0008236

Fixed, commit 14ddf9ab4d58ced031de5f6a3731db3c8243bd0d/hotfix

Now empty values are treated as NULLs for NULLABLE fields (as it is done, for example, in Valentina database).

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