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0007978VALENTINA STUDIOPLUGIN - DB - Valentina Serverpublic2017-06-17 06:53
ReporterSergey PashkovAssigned ToViktor Markvardt 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.1.x 
Target Version7.1.xFixed in Version7.2.x 
Summary0007978: Can't export client cursor to CSV [VServer]
Description1. Execute some query with Client cursor option
2. Try to export to CSV with all fields chosen
- 0 records exported
Additional Information

Export is not implemented for client cursor.

So it is necessary to execute the same query with Server cursor option and export it.
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Working with DB:Valentina Server
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2017-05-30 14:02 Sergey Pashkov New Issue
2017-05-30 14:03 Sergey Pashkov Summary Can't export client cursor to CSV => Can't export client cursor to CSV [VServer]
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