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0008421VALENTINA SERVERAPIpublic2019-11-06 10:12
ReporterBeatrix Willius Assigned To 
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Product Version8.5.x 
Target Version12.3.x 
Summary0008421: VException 626688 "Unknown"
DescriptionThe following code

  dim theCursor as VCursor = mDatabase.SqlSelect("select Recid, * from message where recid = 0", EVCursorLocation.kServerSide, EVLockType.kNoLocks, EVCursorDirection.kRandom)
  dim s as string = "some string here"

crashes with an error 626688 when s contains not clean UTF8 data.

Run the attached project. You will need to change the database and the table for the SQL. The classes MimeEncoding and MimeField are there to screw up the data. That the data isn't good is actually a bug in my code. The line with the setString crashes. This does not happen for Valentina ADK for Xojo.

Valentina Server and ADK 7.6.2. Xojo 2018r3, macOS 10.13.6.
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Beatrix Willius

Beatrix Willius

2018-11-21 09:37


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