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0008570VALENTINA STUDIODatabasepublic2019-07-05 15:58
ReporterByloth Assigned ToSergey Pashkov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version9.2.x 
Target Version9.3.xFixed in Version9.3.x 
Summary0008570: Can't open different connection to the same host but different port
DescriptionAfter a recent update, now you can't open multiple connections to the same host contemporarily but on different ports anymore.
If you have multiple versions of PostgreSQL running on the same host on different ports, you have to close a connection before open another one.
Steps To Reproduce1) Add a first bookmark. (e.g. "localhost:5432")
2) Add a second bookmark. (e.g. "localhost:5433")
3) Open the connection with the first one.
4) Try to open a new connection with the second one both from "Start page" or "Schema Editor" page sidebar by clicking on the bookmark itself.

5) It won't work and you will be redirected to the previous opened connection page.
Working with DB:postgreSQL Server
Version of your DB:9.6 / 10 / 11


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