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0008982VCOMPONENT-VKERNELDatabasepublic2021-06-29 06:27
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Summary0008982: Error "333057 DB location is wrong" when opening database from SMB
DescriptionA user has problems opening an archive. He gets the above error. Here is what he did:

"I also have a Synology NAS where I wanted to put the archive. The SMB folder is mounted via the Apple automounter. When I specify this for the archive I get an error message. However, if I mount the folder using the normal mount behavior of macOS, archiving works, although both mounts address the same target. Then even when I reopen the Diskstation folder it mounts when it didn't."

My app uses a shell path to write the location of the database to prefs and uses the path to open the database. For the user the path is "/Volumes/Privat/MailArchiverX/MailArchiv.vdb".
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