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Valentina for Python MAC Installation


Download and install Valentina for Python.

After the Valentina for Python completes the installation, you will find the following:

  • The “VPython_x64_VERSION” folder in the “/Users/Shared/Paradigma Software” folder. This folder contains valentina.so extension and the Examples folder;
  • The vcomponents_x64 folder in the “/usr/local/lib”. This folder contains several dynamic libraries. See the detailed description of vcomponents folder.
  • You may need to add 'valentina.so' extension into 'site-packages' of your python3 installation, the standard location can be retrieved using the following command:
    python3 -m site
Create 'site-packages' folder manually if it doesn't exist

Additional Info

You can install Python3 to your Mac in a few ways, for example using HomeBrew or Anaconda or MAMP.

The picture below shows the location of this folder for Python3 installed by HomeBrew.



After finishing the installation test the module: Start Python console in the Terminal.app


And execute some Valentina API functions:

import valentina
valentina.init( '', '', '')

Or just run scripts from /Users/Shared/Paradigma Software/VPython_x64_VERSION/Examples folder.


There is no default uninstaller, so you should delete the installed folders manually.