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Data Editor - Work with Pairs

Most commands to work with pairs of a KeyValue present in the in the menu Keyvalue. 

Add New Pair

To add a new pair into KeyValue do one of these actions:

  • choose [ Keyvalue → New Pair] command in the menu
  • press keyboard shortcut ctrl+“+”/cmd+“+”
  • click button “Add Pair” at bottom

A new row will be shown in the grid and Key will be activated for editing.

When you click RETURN or TAB you will be moved to the value.

To finish editing and save pair into the database you need do one of:

  • click “Apply Pair” button at the bottom
  • click another row.

You can discard adding a new pair using one of the following ways:

  • click “Discard Pair” button at the bottom
  • press ESC.

Editing Value

To start editing just click the cell. It will enter the edit mode.

  • existing value will be highlighted and selected, so if you start type then a new value will replace old one.
  • if you do not want to erase the old value you can press CTRL + RIGHT or CTRL + LEFT for Windows, or CMD + RIGHT or CMD + LEFT for macOS. This will move the text cursor to the end or to the start of value correspondingly.

To finish editing and save the pair into database you need to:

  • press RETURN.
  • or click another row.

Delete All Pairs

To delete all pairs of the current KeyValue using Data Editor, choose Keyvalue → Delete All Pairs command in the menu.

Delete Pair(s)

This command allows you to delete one or few pairs at once.

If you have single pair selected then this command deletes it.

If you have a few pairs marked then these pairs will be deleted.