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Data Editor - Overview

The Data Editor has a simple and intuitive interface to allow you view, create, modify, delete, search and sort data in your databases using a standard table layout, much like working in a spreadsheet.

The Data Editor many kinds of data, including BLOB, picture, date, date-time, text, numbers, booleans and more, providing a corresponding mode and editor for each supported type.

Data Editor supports the following modes:

  • Single Table mode
  • Related Table mode
  • Key Value mode
You can also modify the presentation of the Data Editor with custom layouts. This feature is only available in Valentina Studio Pro.

How to open Data Editor

You can open Data Editor in a few ways from within the Schema Editor.

  • From the Schema Editor, select Tree View, select a database and then, from the toolbar, click the Data Editor button
  • Within the Schema Editor, select Tree View, double-click a table to open the Data Editor
  • From the Schema Editor, select Tree View, right-click a table and from the Context Menu select Open Data Editor
You can have more than one Data Editor at the same time.

Single Table Mode

In this mode, you can see a single table in the Data Editor. You can view or modify tables in a tab in the most common display, as a number of fields (columns), and rows.

Learn more in the Single Table Mode documentation.

Data Editor window

In this mode, you can see two tables that are related by some link.

For most Relational Databases this is a Foreign Key link. For a Valentina Database, this can be also ObjectPtr and BinaryLinks.

This mode provides some “magic” to how you working with related records. You can do quite complex analyze of related records without any SQL. Often even experts in SQL need few minutes to write corresponded SQL query to do the same things.


Related Table Editor

Records 2, 4, 5 and 6 are marked. The Record marked first gets signed with a “1”, the second with a “2”, all following with check marks. Read more about principles and advantages of marking records in the data editor here.

Customizing Data Editor

You can customize some aspects of the appearance of the Data Editor.

Colorize Data Editor

You can customize aspects of the Data Editor by applying and saving color options.

Colorizing Data Editor is a Valentina Studio Pro feature.

Data Editor Preferences

The Data Editor has its own Data Editor Preferences.

Data Editor Display Preferences

You can adjust the font of the Data Editor through the Preferences Fonts Dialog.