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Data Editor - JSON Editor

Valentina Studio makes an attempt to detect if binary or textual data contains JSON – and highlighting and visual editing then becomes an option.

If a textual field contains JSON, it is syntax-highlighted right in the table grid:

For binary data fields (such as BINARY, BLOB) the type of data is shown, JSON document.

The JSON editing can be done in different modes:

  • Inline – textual fields can be edited in the table grid with syntax highlighting.
  • Popup – an advanced editor is presented as a small non-modal dialog below the edited cell (Windows and Linux only).
  • Modal – an advanced editor is presented as an ordinary modal dialog.

For binary fields, the popup appears automatically when the field cell is selected. The modal dialog is displayed by double-clicking the cell using the Content button. A small button below the bottom-right corner of the edited cell can show either a popup or a modal dialog.

Inline Editor

Editing JSON right in the grid:

A button below the cell opens an advanced editor.

Advanced Editor

The JSON Tree tab allows the users to view JSON structure and edit values in a tree:

Value editing is triggered with a double-click.

Depending on the field type containing JSON data, the editor can have different tabs and controls.

For textual fields it has the Text tab where you can modify JSON structure manually and check the changes in the JSON Tree tab:

For binary fields JSON can be viewed in the hexadecimal form on the Data tab, data also can be loaded from the file: