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Cloud Examples Help

Beginning with Valentina release 9.5, Valentina Studio allows users to download and open sample databases and projects in just one click. Sample databases are available for Valentina and SQLite local engines. The examples are accessible from the following places within Valentina Studio:

Start Page

You can see all example databases and projects on the Start Page:

They have cloud marks on their icons.

The names of examples available for download are shown in light-grey colour. To download an example, it is necessary to click it – it will be opened automatically once the download has finished.

If necessary, the database used in the project as a datasource will be downloaded automatically.

Each example has a description in the tooltip.

The context menu of not downloaded example has only one Download action.

Once the example is downloaded its menu has the following actions:

  • Open – Opens an example
  • Show On Disk – Shows an example on local disk
  • Reload… – Reloads an example, all user changes are lost
  • Delete… – Deletes an example from the local disk.

The context menu of the list containing the examples has the following important actions:

  • Refresh Examples – Reloads the list of examples
  • Show Examples – Show/Hide the examples in the list.

Recent Projects Menu

In addition to the Start Page, a sample project can be downloaded from the application menu.

Recent Databases Menu

Valentina Files and SQLite Files local connections have examples in the recent databases menus.

Datasource Dialog

An example database can be easily added as a Valentina Report datasource: