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Valentina Studio Help

Start here for a complete user interface reference for Valentina Studio, broken down by menus, windows, panels, or by theme or topic.


  • Start Page Help. Detailed information about the Start Page of Valentina Studio.
  • Main Menu Help. Detailed information about the main menu of the Main Window.
  • Main Window Help. Detailed information about the Main Window of Valentina Studio.
  • Cloud Examples Help. Detailed information about the Valentina Studio sample databases and projects the user can download and open in one click.


  • Data Editor Help. The Data Editor is for editing or viewing data in tables and related tables.
  • Form Editor Help. The Form Editor is for creating and editing Valentina Forms.
  • Schema Editor Help. The Schema Editor is a multi-purpose tool for managing data.
    • Diagram View. Create and conceptualize databases as visual diagrams or schemas, with constraints and other properties to create a script that will in turn, transform your database to match the visual logic.
    • Column View. Column View lets you browse database schema using columns. Select an Nth column object, then from the N+1 column, Valentina Studio displays elements of the selected object. Column View makes it easy to navigate database schema.
    • Tree View. A hierarchical view of information. Object can have sub-objects depending on if there is an association between the two; If an object can contain another object, then the parent item will either appear as or work similarly to a folder which you can expand or close.
  • SQL Editor Help. SQL Editor lets you create, edit and execute scripts containing multiple SQL queries, and see the results of queries. You also have easy access to other information about queries (errors, warnings, timings, …) in order to optimize and improve your code. Additional tools also make it easy to clean up imported code.


Server Tools

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