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Valentina Project File Help

Valentina Project files are a special storage file format used in several Paradigma Software products. This article explains what a Valentina Project file is and also a basic introduction of working with Valentina Project files in general and specifically from within Valentina Studio.


Valentina Project files are special storage files that can include assets used by several Paradigma Software products, including assets such as Valentina Reports and Valentina Forms. They can be created or used locally or registered under Valentina Server to provide multi-user access.

Physically, a Valentina Project is a file with .vsp extension. Because Project files are based on the Valentina DB specification, you may also find a journal file behind it with the same name.

Create a new Valentina Project

You must us Valentina Studio Pro to be able create a new .vsp file.

For this use menu Project → NEW…

Choose where you want keep project:

  • locally? Then specify location on disk.
  • remotely? Then you will be asked about VServer connection.
Creating, modifying and saving Valentina Projects requires Valentina Studio Pro or higher. See the most recent update of the Valentina Studio feature comparison chart for more information.

Open a Valentina Project

To open a LOCAL project, you can

  • use menu Project → Open…
  • double click project file
  • drag it to icon of Valentina Studio (on Mac)
  • drag it to the Start Page of Valentina Studio and drop into the section Projects.

To open a REMOTE project, you should connect to Valentina Server, then you will see list of databases and projects on that server. Double click project you need.

Any version of Valentina Studio can open a Valentina Project for the purposes of using it. Saving new or modified Valentina Projects requires Valentina Studio Pro.

Project Window

When you create or open a Valentina Project you will see Project Window where you will be able see items of project and manage them.

Use Valentina Projects with Reports ADK

Valentina Reports is technology, which can work not only in Valentina Studio, but in Valentina Server and in the different ADKs, which allow you to develop C++/NET/Java/PHP/etc applications

  • with embedded report engine.
  • with ability to connect to a Valentina Server and get reports from it.

In this case such application will use a Valentina Project file prepared by Valentina Studio Pro to generate reports.

Each Valentina ADKs has set of examples about usage of Reports in your application. They use VProject Class and VReport Class to work with project file and its reports.

Notes about Valentina Projects

The free version of Valentina Studio can create temporary projects with temporary tables, reports and forms, however none of these temporary items are saved when closed.

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