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Valentina Release 5.0 Notes

Detailed list of fixes and improvements you can find in Mantis. Make sure you select required project in the top-right menu.

Product Line

  • We have separate “Valentina DB ADK” and “Valentina Reports ADK”. First of all because Valentina reports now can work with different databases and should be considered as independent product.
  • We have made Valentina Studio ADMIN to be totally FREE, and yet managing Valentina, SQLite, mySQL and PostgreSQL dbs. To get a free serial just put request in the Paradigma Online Store. You will get letter with serial(s) on your name.
  • We have remove any ADKs from VDN. Thanks to this instead of 3 editions of VDN (Platform, Pro, Enterprise) we have now just one VDN.
  • VServer Embedded from VDN now always work with Reports. This means reduce of price in x2 times for “VDN & Reports”. Now there is no x2.
  • VServer_Office now is named just as VServer.
  • With 5.0 version Paradigma provides the following FREE products for developers and users:
    • Valentina Studio, which manage: Valentina local DB, Valentina Server dbs, SQLite, PostgreSQL, soon mySQL. Request your serial via Paradigma Online Store.
    • VServer/5. Request your license via Paradigma Online Store.
    • Any Valentina ADK used as client to a VServer. Just use Valentina.InitClient(), which not need any serials.
    • iValentina for iPhone and iPad. Download from AppStore.
  • 5.0 product line is simplified to have just 5 major products:
    • Valentina Studio
    • Valentina Server
    • Valentina DB ADK
    • Valentina Report ADK
    • VDN (vserver with embedded license)


  • Valentina Server now do not have separate archives for _Office, _Embeded, … editions. Only one edition with the name “Valentina Server” in 32 and 64 bit versions. So for the 5.0 release, we ask that you be patient and make a stop and delete the previous versions of VServer manually, save your existed databases of course. Then install VServer 5.0, drop in your databases, drop in your license files and start it.
  • We have build 5.0 product line for MAC with the help of XCODE 4.5. Should work on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer.
  • Windows products are built with help of Visual 2010.

Valentina Kernel

  • [NEW] Roll-back journal is used now for each database. You can see one more file-volume with ext “.journal” near to opened database in the same folder.
  • [NEW][SQL] SERIAL32, SERIAL64 - pseudo-types to simplify work with sequences for a PRIMARY KEY field.
  • [NEW][SQL] UNIQUE table constraint based on few fields. On attempt add duplicate value you will get error.
  • [NEW][SQL] Set of helper commands as SHOW CONSTRAINTS, SHOW CHECKS, SHOW INDEXES, …
  • [NEW][SQL] first/last aggregative functions now can have own ORDER BY.
  • [Imp][SQL] Improved recursive query command to work with links defined on the fly with help of search condition (T1.id = T1.ptr). Also some parameters of this command now can accept variables (useful for stored procedures).
  • [Imp][SQL] SET PROPERTY command now accepts bind values (:1, :2, :3).
  • [Imp][SQL] LINK/UNLINK commands now have optional suffix that allows supress error message if you try link already linked records or unlink records that are not linked.
  • [Imp][SQL] CLONE DATABASE command now have optional suffix [WITH SET PROPERTIES … ], like do have CREATE DATABASE command. This allows to resolve such tasks as e.g. change db.SegmentSize of existed database.
  • [Imp][SQL] CREATE BINARY LINK now will not accept by syntax SET NULL and SET DEFAULT.

Valentina Reports (runtime)

  • [NEW] Support new datasources: PostgreSQL, mySQL, SQLite.

Valentina Server

  • [Chg] Archive of VServer 5.0 does not contains DEMO license file. As result it cannot be started right after install. You need request FREE license of VServer/5 from Paradigma Online Store and drop it into VServer/licences folder, then start VServer.
  • [Chg] Now exists a single archive vserver_version on the FTP instead of two vserver_office and server_embedded.
  • [NEW] Working as Report Server it can now connect to other DB Server (VServer, mySQL, PostgreSQL) to request data
  • [Imp] Licences folder now can be created on start of VServer automatically if not exists.
  • [Imp] MAC VServer archive now have two small helper scripts “start_me.sh” and “stop_me.sh”.

Valentina Studio

  • [Chg] Valentina Studio ADMIN ($99) now becomes FREE for use by anybody. To get free serial on your name you need request it in the Paradigma Online Store. Without any serial VStudio works in 10 min demo mode.
  • [Chg] Valentina Studio ADMIN now is named just as Valentina Studio.
  • [Chg] Now exists a single archive of VStudio on the FTP instead of studio_admin and studio_pro.
  • [NEW] DB plugin - SQLite
  • [NEW] DB plugin - PostgreSQL
  • [NEW] DB plugin - mySQL
  • [NEW] Schema Editor→Diagrams – totally new diagrams that are able do reverse and forward engineering, mix existed objects with planed changes and a lots of other things. This feature works for Valentina DB, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • [NEW] SQL DIFF Wizard – allows you find difference between two databases and produce SQL script, which can move db from the first start to the second.
  • [NEW] Reports now can use as datasource the following databases: Valentina, SQLite, mySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC.

Valentina DB ADK

  • [Chg] deprecated some MAC 32 bit ADKs, e.g. V4CC-32.
  • [NEW] Added few methods to work with (enum) TYPEs in the DB schema, such as VDatabase.TypeCount, VDatabase.Type(name), …

Valentina Reports ADK

  • [NEW] Method VProject.MakeNewReport() now recognize connection strings for db servers: {VServer, PostgreSQL, mySQL} and local files {Valentina db, SQLite}.