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Added in 3.1 version.

This allows easy conversion of links from one type to another. This is useful to new developers - for example, you can utilize ODBC import from existing mySQL or Microsoft Access to import relational data, then transform relational schema to highly optimized Valentina types.

The COPY LINKS statement is used to perform link refactoring. See details here.


    : COPY LINKS FROM link1_name TO link2_name
    | COPY LINKS FROM link1_name TO link2_name AND link3_name
    | COPY LINKS FROM link1_name AND link2_name TO link3_name

There exists three forms of this command:

  1. The first form get ONE SOURCE link and ONE DESTINATION link.
  2. The second form get ONE SOURCE link and TWO DESTINATION links.
  3. The third form get TWO SOURCE links and ONE DESTINATION link.


COPY LINKS FROM PersonPtr TO blinkPersonPhone

More Information

You can use the COPY LINKS command as described in the Valentina documentation Convert or Copy Foreign Key to ObjectPtr.