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Deletes the chosen records from the table.


    : DELETE FROM table_name [ WHERE search_condition ]

In FROM statement you should include the table which contains the records to be deleted. In WHERE statement you should include the selection criterion of the records to be deleted.

DELETE FROM tbl1 WHERE fldLong  > 1000

If the WHERE statement is not defined all the table records will be deleted, the table becomes blank but it is not deleted from database.


DELETE with a Subquery.

Sometimes it is necessary to select records rest on the data from the other tables. For this item one can use the selection conditions with the subquery.

Child queries in the WHERE statement can have several levels of embedding. They also can contain foreign links on the object table of DELETE command. Foreign links are met very often as they implement the “uniting” of the subquery tables (table) and the object table of DELETE command.

The sample of scalar subquery:

WHERE rep = ( SELECT empl_num
    FROM salesreps
    WHERE name = ‘ Sue Smith’)
DELETE FROM salesreps
WHERE ( .02* quota ) > ( SELECT SUM(amount ) FROM orders WHERE rep = empl_num )

Tha sample of multi recorded subquery:

DELETE FROM customers
WHERE cust_rep IN (SELECT empl_num FROM salesreps WHERE sales < ( .8* quota))