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Valentina Studio Videos


  • 10 min Introduction [EN] [RU] - 10 min introduction into few interesting features of free edition of Valentina Studio. It not touches PRO features.


  • Installing Free Valentina Server and Valentina Studio - this video shows how and where to download archives of Valentina Studio and Valentina Server, order free serials from Paradigma Store, Install, enter serial into Valentina Studio and drop license file into VServer, then connect from VStudio to VServer.

Schema Editor

  • Columns View - Using Search Field [EN] - shows how you can filter objects of a database schema using “Search Field”.

Data Editor

  • Data Editor - Basics [EN] - basic operations in Data Editor
  • Data Editor - Filters [EN] - search records using Filter of Data Editor

SQL Editor

  • SQL Editor - Working with Snippets [EN] - Explains simple and advanced operations, which you can do with SQL Snippets.


Shows how you can import via ODBC datasource from any ODBC-compliant database (MS Access, mySQL, Postgre, SqlLite, FileMaker, …) to Valentina database. Explains how you can create Valentina DB by a single click, and how you can prepare Map of Import for future multiple imports.