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Valentina Studio PRO Videos

Form Editor

  • Form Editor Overview EN - Shows an introductory overview into the new Forms Editor for creating forms that can then be deployed to Valentina Server or to users of the free Valentina Studio

Report Editor


  • Report Editor Overview [EN] - Shows major parts of the Report Editor, toolbar buttons, …
  • Report Preview Overview [EN] - Shows major parts of the Report Preview.
  • Simple Report [EN] - Shows how to create a simplest database and report.

Advanced Reports

  • Formatting [EN] - Shows how to specify format pattern for fields (currency, date, percent, …), and conditional formatting.
  • Grouping [EN] - Shows how to group records in the report.
  • Mail Merge [EN] - Shows how you can use Valentina Reports for mail merge task.
  • Sub-Reports [EN] - Shows how to create a Report with sub-report using Field Map and Parameter Map.

Report Controls

  • Barcode Control [EN] - Instructional video shows how to add a barcode to a report in Valentina Reports.
  • Expression Field Control [EN] - Shows how to to use control 'Expression Field' to create on reports fields using calculation by expression.
  • HTML Control [EN] - Shows how to to use control 'HTML Control' to put on reports info (pages, pictures) from the WEB or from TEXT fields of database, that contain HTML formatted text.
  • Picture Control [EN] - Shows how to to use control 'Picture Field' to put pictures on a report, for example, the logo of a company.
  • Picture DB Field [EN] - Shows how to work with Pictures stored in a Picture field of the Valentina database.

Report Regiones

  • Report Header [EN] - Shows in details how work region “Report Header”.

Schema Editor

  • Coloring objects [EN] - Shows how you can assign different colors to objects of different DB/Connections, to easy differ, for example, deployment vs developer databases.

SQL Editor

  • SQL auto completion for a table alias [EN] - Shows how works auto-completion for a Table alias in SQL Editor.
  • SQL formatting [EN] - Shows how works SQL Formatting in SQL Editor.