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Valentina Reports FAQ


Q: What can be used for free?

Q: What can be purchased?

Q: Can I test it before buying?


Q: What should I read to work with Valentina Reports?


Q: Can I use a report created against mySQL with other databases?

Reports & ADK

Q: Can I use Reports created in the Valentina Studio with my Xojo (C#, C++, Director, LiveCode, PHP, NET, ... ) application?

Q: How technically does the Valentina Reports engine "embed" into my app?

Q: Can a report be modified at runtime by my application?

Q: Can users of my application change/tune reports?

Q: How difficult is it to add reports once a project is released? Same for updating existing reports?

Q: Can I build a report from array data?

Q: How to refer the fields of the report query if they have the same names but different original tables?


Q: Why should I provide in the code of my application { datasource + SQL query } again when this was specified already in the Valentina Studio and stored inside .vsp file?

Q: Should I open SQLite db before generating a report?


Q: HOW TO prepare my application for deployment?

Q: I use (REAL Studio/Livecode). I have only (Mac/Win/Lin) computer. Can I build final app for other platforms?

Q: Can I print a report directly to a printer?

Reports & VServer


Q: Can I put *.vsp file under a Valentina Server while it runs?

Q: HOW TO put an existing Valentina Project (.vsp) under Valentina Server control (i.e. Register Project)?

Q: Can I keep Valentina Project under mySQL/PostgreSQL/else?


Q: What is advantage to keep reports under VSERVER?

Q: Who generates a report when a Valentina Client APP asks for that?

Q: When should be used "SELECT ... FOR REPORT" SQL command?



Q: A PDF generated by Valentina Reports/Valentina Server is blank/empty while Valentina Studio shows a preview. How to fix it?

Report Design

You can design reports using Valentina Studio Pro.


Q: HOW TO set the page margin for the Top and Bottom?

Q: Is grouping with multiple levels supported?

Formatting Data

Q: HOW TO concatenate 2 fields on a report?

Q: HOW TO format a date/time value from a SQLDateTime Field into a more readable date and time? And how to transform a date/time format into the local (localize)?


Q: HOW TO easily draw both horizontal and vertical grid lines?

Q: HOW TO turn on/off grid lines at run time?


Q: HOW TO make a Grand Total?