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Licensing Valentina Embedded Server

Valentina Embedded Server refers to the OEM license of Valentina Server. This allows developers to redistribute a copy of Valentina Server with their solutions to their customers. The product associated with this license is Valentina Developer Network, also called VDN.

Terms of Deployment

VDN is licensed much like other deployable developer tools from Paradigma Software, and governed by terms incorporated in the Valentina Server License.

Once you license VDN, you can continue to deploy the newest release of Valentina Server to your customers. The specific license works with the releases that arrive in the following 12 months. When you renew your VDN license, you will receive an updated license file for deployment of newer versions.

If you do not renew or update your VDN license after the 12 month period and you do not violate the VDN EULA, you can continue to deploy the last version released under your license. For example, if you licensed VDN on January 2, 2020, but do not renew your VDN license, then you can continue to deploy the last version of Valentina Server available on January 1, 2020.

Any violation of the VDN EULA immediately ends all granted rights under the EULA, including redeployment of previous versions.

Backwards Compatibility of VDN

Paradigma Software follows a standard update / upgrade methodology. Each release includes new features, fixes and improvements, and may also have changes in minimum hardware and operating system requirements.

Previous releases are not updated within the scope of the version. For example, release 9.5.1 incorporates new features, fixes and improvements. Paradigma Software does not in turn roll those improvements back into 9.5.