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Refund Policy

Paradigma Software products are complex technology products operating with one or more other complex technology products; it is possible that you want to combine them with a third party products we have never heard of.

Products are available with a demo version or with a free version. It is up to you to determine if the products are right for you. Do not purchase until you are sure that our products are meeting your needs. It is up to you to try the demo or free versions. Paradigma Software disclaims warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability for Paradigma Software products and are sold “as is”. Once payment is made and licenses are deployed, Paradigma Software cannot issue a refund.

When you purchase, first you should do the following:

  • Try out the demo or free version to determine if it meets your needs
  • Check that the system where you will use the products meets or exceeds any minimum requirements
  • Test it with any other third party product you will use the product with