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Common Examples

This section contains examples that are common for both SQL and API ways.

Convert_1_2 example

Demonstrates how to convert Valentina database of 1.x format into 2.x format. Also you can see here the usage of GetDatabaseVersion() function.

Database_CreateCloseOpen example

Demonstrates how to Create/Close/Open and ThrowOut from disk files of database file.

DateTime_Format example

Demonstrates how settings of DateTime format affect date/time values.

DebugLevel example

Demonstrates how you can use Valentina.DebugLevel property to debug your projects.

Error_Handling example

Demonstrates how to check errors produced by Valentina database. You can see the modern way based on Exceptions. And you can see how you can disable exceptions to use old way of db.errNumber.

EscapeString example

Demonstrates the usage of Valentina.EscapeString() function.

GetDatabaseVersion example

Demonstrates how to obtain version of closed Valentina database file.

Init_ShutDown example

Demonstrates how to init and shutdown Valentina.

Locale_Properties example

Demonstrates the inheritance behavior for properties Locale, StorageEncoding, CollationAttribute of the VDatabase, VTable and VField classes.

Locale_Records example

Demonstrates how you can create database with a different storage encoding. You can see that you are able create database, close it and read back information.

MacOS_Creator example

Demonstrates the usage of VDatabase.Creator property on Mac OS.

SetExtensions example

Demonstrates how you can assign own extensions for Valentina database files.

SharedConnection example

Demonstrates how you can work with several databases inside of single connection to Valentina Server

SplitToWords example

Demonstrates use of function Valentina.SplitToWords().

VServer example

Demonstrates how to use VServer class to connect to Valentina Server and manage it.

VServer_RegisterDb example

Demonstrates how to register a new database with VServer.