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Way to Learn Valentina Docs

You should understand that Valentina is quite big and complex DBMS product with a lots of features. Good news are that you do not need to learn all features at once to start develop with Valentina database.

Besides, the more is your experience with database development, the easier it will be to learn for you Valentina. This is because Paradigma target Valentina DBMS as Object-Relational, i.e. everything that you are used to use in RDBMS should work in Valentina also. Also because Valentina strictly follow to SQL standard (of course having own extensions of SQL).

So, how to read all above Valentina docs? In which order? How to learn examples? What is required and what is optional?

Simple Docs

  • First of all it is good idea to review the features that have Valentina Kernel, Valentina Server or some ADK, to know what tools you have in hands. Note that the lists of features have direct links to pages that explain that features. So you can use list of features as Navigator of Valentina docs.
  • Then you can review tutorial of your ADK, located in this wiki. Tutorial will teach you in few step by step lessons how to build a simple locale or client/server Valentina app.
  • Then you can review the existed examples - their folders and names to see the whole picture.

Kernel Docs

This documents describe features of Valentina Kernel itself, so you must to read them in any case to get deep understanding of Valentina.

API Reference Docs

ADK API Reference describes API of some Valentina ADK. Exists references for each ADK, usually as PDF, and sometimes as WIKI pages.

Also exists general Valentina API Reference on pseudo-language written in WIKI.

Valentina Server Docs