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Valentina Products Documentation

Free Products

Paradigma Software Inc. offers the complete set of FREE versions of own products! You can use for free:

  • Valentina Server - free edition, which has 5 connections. DB + REPORT server!
  • Valentina ADK as a client to above free VServer or to any commercial VServer.
  • Valentina Studio in basic edition can be used for management of Valentina databases, SQLite databases, Valentina/mySQL/PostgreSQL servers.

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Business Products

Valentina Server

Valentina Studio

iValentina (iOS)

Developer Products

Paradigma Software team understands that Application Developers need ability to deploy their application royalty free. Our developer products provide such license.

If you are a developer, you can deploy your solutions with a Valentina Database/Reports technology as a part of your solution. You have two major choices as developer:

  • APP with embedded LOCAL DB/REPORTS engine
  • APP as a client to VSERVER

In the first case you need to use a Valentina ADK, which is paid, but you get royalty free embedded database engine OR report engine.

In the second case you still need a Valentina ADK, but you will use Valentina CLIENT component, which is always FREE. In the same time you need yet Valentina Server. If you want deploy Valentina Server as part of your installer then you need to purchase Valentina Embedded Server, which is royalty free for deployment and offer 5 connections to users of your application. You can also do not use Valentina Embedded Server as part of your deployment archive, instead ask users download and install free VServer, get a free license on name of the user and use that.

Below you can read more details about these Developer products.

Valentina Embedded Server

Application Developer Kits

Application Developer Kit is a toolkit that allows you to develop application(s) with all or any of these components:

  • Valentina Database Engine - to work with local Valentina databases in the single user mode.
  • Valentina Reports Engine – to work with local Valentina Project with reports. Note, that local are reports. But the datasource for a report can be connection to a remote DB server.
  • Valentina Client - to access remotely a Valentina Server, which manages databases and/or reports in a multi-user mode.

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Valentina Reports

Please note, that there is no such product “Valentina Reports”, but there is such technology, which is integrated into all above products of Paradigma Software. You need to choose a tool(s) depending on tasks of your project (e.g. if you need local single user report engine embedded into your application or you need multi-user access to a Valentina Report Server from your application).

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