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Installation of Valentina Server on MAC OS X

Make sure you use an ADMIN account on your MAC computer.
  • Open VServer_vN_mac.dmg disk image by double click.
  • Run the VServer.mpkg installer. When asked enter password of your admin account.
  • Valentina Server and helper files will be installed into the following locations:


/Library/Scripts/VServer x64 Scripts
  • The installer does not requires a restart of the computer. As only installer finishes work, the Valentina Server is running, if will not happens any conflict (for example, port is busy).

Preference Panel

The “Valentina Servers” preference panel is the most easy way to start/stop your Valentina Server. Also you can use it to trash exists log files.

Pref Pane

AppleScript scripts

VServer installer installs few helper Apple scripts. To be able use them you should enable on your MAC the Scripts menu from AppleScript utility located at '/Application/Utilities' folder:

Enable AppleScript menu

After this you can see Script menu in the top menu bar of Mac OS X and use its commands:

Script Menu