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Valentina Release 5.2.4 Notes

IF you upgrade from 4.x, please make sure that you have read also Valentina Release 5.0 Notes

Detailed list of fixes and improvements you can find in Mantis. Make sure you select required project in the top-right menu.

Valentina Kernel

  • [Fix] multi-character separators in list functions.
  • [Fix] Incorrect join result in some circumstances
  • [Fix] get_Query() of I_Cursor for SHOW VIDENTS query returns not original query

Valentina Studio


  • SQL Editor is able to show all results of a few SELECTs, executed at once. Each in separate TAB-panel. Works for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Search in SQL Editor result grid.
  • Added JSON format for dumps of databases, tables and results of SQL queries.
  • Show list of built-in extensions for SQLite.
  • Added print_if_empty property for sub-reports in Report Editor.


  • Sync tree of databases in Diagram Editor with a selected database in Columns/Tree view mode.
  • Server Admin is working better with errors from connection now.
  • Improved autocompletion in SQL Editor: show light grey prediction, more info, cmd+. shortcut, as in Xcode.
  • Improved work with Favorite Queries of SQL Editor. Can be changed order, renamed, changed text, …
  • Improved search in SQL Editor.
  • Speed of SSH connection improved.
  • Client library for MySQL connections switched from Drizzle to MariaDB.
  • Autoincrement property of a table is shown and can be edited in the Inspector.
  • Dump loading improvements for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed connection to MySQL servers with old-format passwords.
  • Fixed issue, when setting NULL directly into cell of FK field in Data Editor does not hide linked record automatically.
  • Fixed editing of field type in the Inspector of Diagram Editor.
  • Fixed work with Oracle ODBC connection.
  • Fixed work with FileMaker ODBC connection.
  • Fixed crash on change of cardinality of SQLite FK link.
  • Fixed work with Open/Save file dialogs in OS X 10.8.3.