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Valentina Release 5.3 Notes

Valentina Studio

  • [Imp] - Dump and LoadDump dialogs now have encoding menu to be able work with a file of any encoding. Supported are 220 encodings thanks to ICU library.

Data Editor

  • [New] - Copy the current record into CSV/SQL format on clipboard.

SQL Editor

  • [Fix] lexer to highlight unicode text.

Query Builder

  • [New] - Now Views work in QueryBuilder. Added list of views on the left side.
  • [New] - Introduced undo/redo actions for many commands in QB.
  • [Imp] - List of tables now can be scrolled vertically by mouse vehicle and trackpad.
  • [Imp] - Ability to remove a row from the grid of fields using contextual menu.


  • [Imp] - Timeout of a connection increased and added reconnet flag.
  • [Imp] - Added checks if db engine of a Table supports FK-links.


  • [Imp] - libpq and pg_admin updated to 5.2.4 version.