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Valentina Release 5.4 Notes

Valentina Studio

Data Editor

  • [Imp][Speed] - Now works much much faster with mySQL and PostgreSQL databases, thanks to loading of subset of records. Transparent for user. Read Blog Entry 1349 for more information<http://www.valentina-db.com/blog/?p=1349>

Query Builder

  • [New] - Ability to work with self-recursive tables
  • [New] - Ability to set LIMIT and OFFSET
  • [New] - Ability to save queries together with diagrams under some name for future reuse. Added also into SQL Editor menu “Queries” that shows these saved queries. Note, that this functionality somehow overlaps with Favorites. In future versions we will try integrate this together.
  • [New] - Can change the field order in queries after queries are built in Query Builder
  • [Imp] - Easier to build queries with GROUP BY and HAVING

Schema Editor

  • [New] - Line Numbering Column View for Procedures/View/Triggers



  • [New] - Add/Edit/Drop Privileges per User or per Schema
  • [Imp] - SQL Dump improved to use many queries with some LIMIT, instead of single huge query.


  • [New] - Identifier Case Sensitivity (option)


  • [Imp] - improved dialogs to get and enter serials.
  • [Imp] - improved dialog which asks permissions to check updates and send anonymous profiles.