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Valentina Embedded Server Features

This section describes features specific to Embedded Valentina Server.

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Specific Embedded Features

Easy License

Flexible Options - while many DBMS providers give you only one option - unlimited servers at a very high price, Paradigma provides options from royalty free to per connection to unlimited. Read More.

Royalty Free - Application developers get a piece of heaven - Valentina Embedded Server with 5 simultaneous connections is royalty free through Valentina Developer Network (VDN). Read more.

Additional Connections at $1 - Adding connections on top of a Valentina Embedded Server deployment costs as low as $1. Or, you can choose an Unlimited connection version which cost is competitive with any other major provider of developer database servers. Read more.

Easy Deployment

Your Branded Server - It is easy to rename “Valentina Server” as “MyCompany Server”. This strengthens the value proposition of your product. Why send server upgrades to MySQL, Microsoft or Oracle?

Your Installer - Valentina documentation provides you with the information you need to build your own custom installer.