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SQL Commands

To work with properties of a schema object you can use the following SQL commands:

Valentina Engine Properties

Exists the set of system properties at Valentina engine level. They are runtime properties. You can GET and SET their values usually to change behavior of Valentina engine.

Please note, that currently you cannot add new properties at engine level.

Schema Objects Properties

For Schema Objects such as Database, Table, Link and Field you can use as system properties, so define custom properties.

To define a new custom property just assign it to some value. If there is no property with such name for this object, it will be created automatically and stored into system table. To delete some User Defined Property assign it to NULL value. Note, that you cannot delete system property of objects.

Valentina Server Properties

Valentina Server has set of properties that are stored in the ini file. It is possible to control these properties using SET/GET PROPERTY SQL command.