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SHOW COLUMNS displays information about the columns in a given table or view.


SHOW COLUMNS {FROM|OF} table_name [{FROM|OF} db_name]

Result Columns

  • fld_name

The name of the column.

  • fld_type

The type of the field.

  • fld_id

The unique ID of the field.

  • fld_nullable

Specifies if the field can keep NULL values.

  • fld_indexed

Specifies if the field been indexed.

  • fld_index_by_words

Specifies if the field been indexed by words.

  • fld_is_method

Specifies if the column used as method.

  • fld_unique

Specifies if the field will be keep only UNIQUE values.

  • fld_indexhashed

Specifies if the field indexed with hash index.

  • fld_identity

Specifies if the field is identity (i.e. auto-increment values)

  • fld_method_text

Specifies the text of method if the field used as a method.

  • fld_max_length

Specifies the maximal length of the field.

  • fld_segment_size

Specifies the size of segment in the BLOB-like fields.

  • fld_default_value

Specifies default value for the field.

  • fld_numeric_type

Specifies numeric representation of field type.

  • fld_encrypted

Specifies if the field data is encrypted.

  • fld_structure_encrypted

Specifies if the field is encrypted.

  • fld_requires_encryption_key

Specifies if the field requires encryption key.

  • fld_custom_property_count

Specifies custom properties count.

  • fld_method_valid

True if field is a method and it is valid and false otherwise.

  • fld_compressed

True if BLOB-like field is compressed.

  • fld_scale

Scale for float-like types.

  • fld_precision

Precision for float-like types.

  • fld_default_expression

Specifies default expression for the field.


  • SHOW FIELDS is a synonym for SHOW COLUMNS.


SHOW COLUMNS FROM tblPerson FROM dbAccounting;