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SHOW DATABASES lists all databases on the Valentina Server. SHOW SCHEMAS is a synonym for SHOW DATABASES.



Result Columns

  • fld_name

The name of the Database.

  • fld_locale

The database locale.

  • fld_encoding

The database storage encoding.

  • fld_table_count

The count of tables in the current database.

  • fld_link_count

The count of links in the current database.

  • fld_idents_case_sensetive

TRUE if for this database is enabled case-sensetivity for not quoted idents. On default it is FALSE, i.e. “tblPerson” is the same to “TBLPERSON”.

  • fld_registered

[NEW in v5.0]

TRUE if this database is registered in the master database, so users can open it. FALSE if database present in the vserver/databases folder, but is not registered, so user should at first do 'REGISTER DATABASE dbname' command.

  • fld_exists

[NEW in v5.0]

TRUE if this database exists on the disk in the location as it was registered into master database.