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[NEW in 3.3]

SHOW LINKS statement lists non-TEMPORARY links of a database.


SHOW LINKS [{FROM|OF} table_name] [{FROM|OF} db_name] 

Result Columns

  • fld_id

The unique ID of link.

  • fld_name

The name of link.

  • fld_kind

The kind of link.

  • fld_keys

The name of the key field for a FK link type.

  • fld_ptrs

The name of the ptr field for a FK link type.

  • fld_left_type

The relation type of the left branch of link.

  • fld_right_type

The relation type of the right branch of link.

  • fld_branch_count

The count of branches for this link.

  • fld_temporary

Specifies if the link is temporary.

  • fld_ondelete

The behavior on deletion of the record-owner.

  • fld_onupdate

The behavior on update of the record-owner.

  • fld_link_owner

The table which is owner of the link.

  • fld_linked_tables

The tables between which is link created.

  • fld_count

The count of links between the tables which is link created for.


SHOW LINKS FROM dbAccounting;
SHOW LINKS FROM tblAccount FROM dbAccounting;