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VQueryResult Class

NEW in v4.0


Historically, Valentina API did have:

  • SqlSelect() to execute SQL commands that return VCursor back. For example, SELECT or “SHOW …” commands.
  • SqlExecute() to execute all other commands of Valentina SQL. It returns ULONG integer - the number of the affected records.

With time we have come to need, for example, in Valentina Studio's SQL Editor, to have a single function, which is able to execute any Valentina SQL commands.

Answer was in a new function SqlQuery() on each level:

  • database scope : VDatabase.SqlQuery()
  • connection scope: VConnection.SqlQuery()
  • global scope : Valentina.SqlQuery()

This new function should be able to return different results: cursor or ULONG.

We resolve this with the help of small class VQueryResult

When you have a VQueryResult, usually you verify the type of the result, and then use one of the VQueryResult methods to get the specific result.