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Interfase Builder Plugin Manual


[NEW] in 4.8 version.

V4CC Interface Builder Plugin allows you to develop a Cocoa application with embedded V4CC.framework without writing any code to link GUI with a Valentina database.

Installation Instruction

  • You can find V4CC Interface Builder Plugin itself inside your V4CC.framework in the Resources folder.
  • To install plugin on your Mac - just make double click on the plugin file.
  • Now you can find controllers in the Interface Builder Library, in the V4CC directory:

  • Note, that V4CC comes as two separate archives for 32 and 64 bits. If you use V4CC 32 bit, then you may need to specify in the Get Info dialog of Interface Builder to start it in the 32-bit mode.
  • When you are ready to deploy your application with V4CC.framework, you can remove V4CC.ibplugin from the framework, to save disk space.


Plugin contains four components:

These objects was created to support MVC pattern. They provide ability to control Valentina objects: Valentina, VConnection, VDatabse, VCursor.

You can use these controllers in your application:

  • using IBPluging and bindings;
  • programmatically (they present in V4CC.framework too);
  • or combining both ways.