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Valentina Release 9.1.x Notes

Release 9.1.0


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Forms] Added code templates for import of the forms and scripts.
  • [New][Forms] Implement autocompletion for imported forms and scripts (partially).
  • [New][Forms] Call 'needUpdate' slots on click buttons, edit text etc., to update dialogs not linked to a datasource.
  • [New][Forms] 8131 Add property “Mode” for the LineEdit-Field control.
  • [New][Forms] Added 'application.sessionStorage' object to store and pass data during single session.
  • [New][Updates] 8486 Add ability to check for updates using the proxy connection.
  • [New][Schema Editor] Add button to toggle preview panel in Schema Editor for tree mode.
  • [Imp] General improvements to application icons
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] Opt-Click on an object name now selects this object in the tree, instead of opening another Schema Editor dialog
  • [Fix][Sql Editor] 8485 display non-printable chars in sql-editor
  • [Fix][Data Editor] Fixed an issue when pasting tabular data to a database with schemas
  • [Fix] 5259 Fix execute query and refresh result on readwrite cursor.
  • [Fix] 7300 Almost unable to read selected row in table if using dark theme on Linux (KDE).
  • [Fix] 7793 Renamed SQL Snippet is duplicated after application restart - with an old and a new name.
  • [Fix] 8468 Turning off sort fields does not work completely.
  • [Fix] 8470 Form Editor: NULL values are not handled in the ComboBox.
  • [Fix] 8479 Rightmost column sometimes is not visible.
  • [Fix] 8486 Add ability to check for updates using the proxy connection.

Valentina Server

Valentina DB

Valentina ODBC

  • [Win] Total re-write of VODBC driver.
    • [New] 64-bit archive, additionally to 32-bit.
    • removed dependency on WX framework

Release 9.1.1


Valentina Studio

  • [New][Form Editor] Allow sorting records, added methods: addSort(), removeSort(), applySorts(), clearSorts().
  • [New][Form Editor] Add templates of JS code to sort records.
  • [New][Form Editor] Allow to setup sorting via Property Inspector.
  • [Fix][Data Transfer] Transfer of database with schemas
  • [Fix][Schema Editor] Resize columns of a table with properties in the tree mode.
  • [Fix] 8475 Need to limit auto width of columns to parent table width.
  • [Fix] 8487 F5 does not refresh Data Editor.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Imp] One more attempt to make better threading of long tasks for Xojo.
    • Now our YieldRunner uses own approach instead of MySQL plugin.
    • Database_Diagnose now has Progress Bar and demonstrates how to use Xojo Thread and V4RB to avoid “app not responding” state.

Release 9.1.2


Valentina Studio

  • [Imp][PROJECT PLUGIN] don't open report's page on double click in viewer mode
  • [Imp] 8493 [Data Transfer] Update the current value of the sequence with maximum/minimum value of the imported data, to avoid key duplication errors during the subsequent inserts (Valentina DB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL).
  • [Imp] [Data Transfer] Removed unnecessary queries to updates the record count during transfer.
  • [Fix] Fixed rendering editors tabs on the diagram to show complete object name.
  • [Fix] [Error Lookup] Fixed an error message during the Valentina engine message lookup.

Valentina for Xojo

  • [Fix] 8492: Random error message getting data from the different fields types
  • [Fix] 8495: Crash while iterating cursor with string data (specific to DE symbols). UTF convertors.