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Create a User DSN

Check if the VODBC Driver is Installed

The first step is confirming that you have successfully installed VODBC driver on your system.

Go to: “Start”→“Settings”→“Administrative Tools”→“Data Sources (ODBC)”. In some versions of Windows, this is done through the Control Panel.

The ODBC Data Source Administrator appears.

Check the list of drivers and confirm that the Valentina ODBC driver is available. If it is not available, reinstall the Valentina ODBC driver.


Select the User DSN Tab

Select the User DSN Tab and select Add…


Adding New Source

The new data source dialog appears.

Select the Valentina ODBC Driver option and Finish.


Enter Configuration Data for This Data Source

Next, enter information related to the Valentina database. Each field is described in Creating a Connection String.

You should always test your connection at this point.


Check Connection

Select Test Connection to test your newly created connection.

If you have set up your connection correctly, a dialog will appear. If it does not appear, reconfirm at each step that you have entered the information correctly.


NOTE: It is possible to configure User DSN at runtime on a user's computer. However, in most cases it is possible for a user to modify a User DSN later. If you are developing applications around Valentina ODBC and your user reports a connectivity problem, this is the first thing to check.