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Runtime Revolution

Runtime Revolution is a cross-platform development environment with an English-like programming language.

What Revolution Developers Want

Some of the reasons that Revolution developers choose Valentina DB for Revolution

  • Deploy on Flash Media, CD, DVD, HDVD
  • REV DB API Compatible
  • Client-Server Solutions for Classrooms
  • Manage Large Volumes of Text

Refer to the compatibility chart or the Connectivity Center Complete Matrix for support.

Valentina DB Client Runtime Revolution

If you are developing local database applications only, Valentina Application Developer Kit (ADK) provides you with a royalty free database. For developing client-server or server only solutions, get Valentina Developer Network.

Valentina DB Client is the communications interface for working with a Valentina Server and can work without a Valentina ADK license. This allows access to Valentina Office Server or Valentina Embedded Server from almost any development environment.

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Windows Mac OS XLinux
Win 2000 SP4+
Win Server 2003
Win XP SP2+
Win Vista SP1+
Revolution 2.8 +
Mac OS X 10.4 PPC or Intel+
Revolution 2.8 +
Ubuntu 6+
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5+ (with libstdc++ 4.0.2+)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Revolution 2.8 +