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Technical Support

Paradigma Software Technical Support is available to help you have the best experience with Paradigma Software products.

Free and Paid For Support Plans

Paradigma Software products are powerful technical tools. Some require no prior knowledge to use, while others are specifically designed for developers or engineers.

Free community support is always available through mailing lists! Most products include at least one year of free level 1 technical support, accessible through the mailing lists or through email. Even if you don't have an active support plan, ask on the appropriate mailing list.

Find a Bug or Issue?

Find an issue? If you are certain you've found a bug with a Paradigma Software product, visit our Mantis Bug Tracker site. You can see the last ten items submitted. You can also make feature requests through Mantis as well. Before report into Mantis you may read FAQs on bug reporting and feature requesting.

Report a Bug or Issue on MANTIS

Free Level 1 technical support is available for customers who determine they have met minimum system requirements and are working with the most current number version of a Paradigma Software product (the number before the decimal point, such as the 4 in 4.5) and have an active subscription to that product. This free support is available through the Support Ticket System.

covers troubleshooting installation and set up of your product, provided that your product is being installed and set up on a system that meets minimum system requirements.

Free Level 1 technical support includes:

  • Troubleshooting installation issues
  • Basic features that do not work as documented in the software documentation

Priority Support Options

Priority support options are available for level 2 or higher technical support.

Level 2 technical support covers help with basic functionality of the product, such as using any menu item or dialog box to get an expected result. Level 2 support questions can usually be answered in a few sentences or paragraphs - such as explaining a software process. Support credits are used as payment, with one credit either representing one incident of up to one hour to resolve. Multiple credits can be used to cover multiple hours, up to eight hours (one engineer day).

Level 2 technical support can be resolved by email, internet chat or Skype by a Paradigma Software support specialist.

If a Level 2 incident is the result of an undocumented bug in the Paradigma Software product, you will not have an incident deduction for your support request.

To receive Level 2 technical support, you must have one or more support incident credits on account.You can purchase incident credits through the Paradigma online store.

Level 3 technical support covers such topics as writing or debugging scripts, or providing advice on database schema to suit a particular, single business need.

Level 3 support questions often take more than a single session to resolve, or longer than a single day of engineer time.

Level 3 technical support can be resolved by email, internet chat or Skype by a Paradigma Software support specialist.

Level 3 technical support is covered under a support contract. If you are interested in Level 3 support, contact us through the Support Ticket system.

OEM Product & Embedded Server Support

OEM products are products that Paradigma Software licenses to another developer who in turn license them to a customer. For example, developers who are licensed for Valentina Developer Network may license a product to their customers based on Valentina Embedded Server.

If you are a user of a Valentina Embedded Server product, your contact for support is the developer that licensed you the application.

Registration and Login is Required for Support. Inquiries for customer support or paid technical support require you to register and log in to your account. Registering on this site is free. All paid technical support inquiries use the Open Ticket link.