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Valentina DB ADK

Valentina DB Application Developer Kit puts the most modern, ultra-fast database in your application or software project.

Adding just any database enables simple data storage; Adding Valentina DB ADK upgrades your application with advanced data features, which you can deploy royalty free to your customers. Valentina DB ADK is a licensed product for developers of high performance applications with two main components - the free VCLIENT connection component and also the royalty free local data storage.

Valentina DB ADK is available for every major development system for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as well as iOS.

Valentina Clients

Valentina DB Application Developer Kit Key Features

Valentina Client Only

Valentina Client Key Features

Valentina Client (VCLIENT) is a free connection driver to connect your application to Valentina Server.

  • Valentina Client is continuously and natively developed and performance optimized; no reliance on third party drivers
  • Leverages the object-relational, advanced Valentina Data Model if you want it; rely on good old SQL as you know it - your choice
  • Available for all major operating systems - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, 32 or 64 bit (as appropriate to the platform)
  • Available for every major development environment (ie Java, .net, Objective-C/Cocoa and more)
  • Available for mobile development for iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • FREE and royalty free deployment for working with Valentina Server; you only pay for Valentina DB ADK if you need local storage

Valentina DB ADK Key Features

Valentina DB ADK Key Features

Valentina DB ADK puts the Valentina DB engine into your application for local storage of Valentina databases.

  • Enterprise class, advanced database features in your application with the full feature set of Valentina DB technology
  • Integrates seamlessly with Valentina Reports ADK, the advanced Reports system for software developers
  • Royalty free deployment with your applications
  • 12 months of free updates included; See the most recent Technology Release for details

Download Valentina DB ADK for free, and use VCLIENT for free with Valentina Server