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Valentina Developer Network is what every developer needs to build and deploy complete, client-server and server application solutions using all major native platform development tools available to developers.

Embedded Database & Reports Server for Developers

Independent Software Vendors who require high performance solutions that run equally and exceptionally well on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X choose Valentina Server.

Valentina Developer Network Benefits

  • Deploy the 5 Connection OEM Embedded Server royalty free and in unlimited quantities
  • 20+ Valentina Clients you can embed into your applications for FREE
  • 12 Months of Free Updates to OEM Valentina Embedded Server during Subscription Period*
  • Purchase full versions of Valentina Server for your customers at a huge discount
  • Private, Valentina Developer Network Mailing List Support
  • Free, unlimited email Direct Level 1 Technical Support
  • Priority Feature Request & Bug Report Escalation

If you let your subscription period lapse, you can continue to deploy the last version released under your plan.


Development Tools

Build local and server royalty free apps with the dev tech you use

  • .NET
  • COM
  • C | C++
  • Obj C | Mac OS X
  • Obj C | iOS
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Director
  • LiveCode
  • Real Studio

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